Mahalo Hawaii

Thousands of people came to the event on an exceptionally beautiful day at Kaka’ako Park in Honolulu Hawaii. The music was wonderful, the food was delicious, and we even had a huge rainbow grace the skies, reminding us of how blessed we are to live in Hawaii. As the producer of this event and as one of the musicians, I was so happy to be surrounded by such a cheerful crowd. In our finale performance, I couldn’t hold my tears of ukupicinhawaii-217.jpgjoy. Thank you so very much Hawaii.I would like to express special appreciation to Herb Ohta-san for playing at this event. I truly respect him as an artist and as a friend. Also, I am grateful for my friends Konishiki and Roy Sakuma for providing valuable advice and support. They were instrumental in making this event a reality.

Thank you to all the talented musicians from Hawaii and Japan who contributed their time and talent to the Ukulele Picnic. Their performances were all wonderful. Finally, thank you a million times to the local and Japanese staff, volunteers and friends who worked so hard to make this event a success.Thank you very much!Let’s do it again next year!I believe the ukulele has irresistible charm and its music has healing power that touches hearts and brings a spirit of unity and Aloha. My dream is to establish an Ukulele Museum that will facilitate social, educational, and cultural activities in a friendly environment that will perpetuate the joy of the ukulele to the people of Hawai`i and to the world.The sucess of this event marks important first step on the road to realize my dream. Wanna join? Hop in to my dream train.

The Ukulele ♪
A little instrument with a big heart
Friendly and inviting
Creating millions of smiles
With just a simple strum
The Ukulele♪

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi

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