The 15th Annual ʻUkulele Picnic Presents, International ʻUkulele Festival of Hawaiʻi 2024

Ukulele Picnic has been reborn!

Based on the advice of Roy Sakuma, who has been organizing the Ukulele Festival Hawaii for a long time, he wanted to “make it an attractive festival with strong roots in the local area”, and “to take the festival from Hawaii to the world”. The festival has been reborn as the “International Ukulele Festival of Hawaii,” with two wishes: “To send a message of peace to the people of Hawaii.”

International ukulele festival!

This event has become more well-known each time it has been held, and is loved by local people, as well as attracting many people from overseas to participate.
In 2024, the “1933 ‘Ukulele All Stars” will be held at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Kazuyuki Sekiguchi of the Southern All Stars, along with Boo Takagi of the Drifters, Yoshio Nomura, and Yoko Oginome. and popular ukulele player Tomoki Suzuki will appear. In addition, artists beloved in Hawaii, such as world-famous ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro, Raiatea Helm, and Hawaiian boy group Crossing Rain, are scheduled to appear one after another. I’m also looking forward to seeing the children from the local ukulele school perform performances that illuminate hope for the future. Furthermore, it is a festival with a rich international flavor, with artists from all over the world scheduled to participate, including France, Portugal, South Korea, and the mainland United States. Everyone please join us.

Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii
Kazuyuki Sekiguchi

July 27 2024 Saturday  9:30am-Sunset
Kapi’olani Park Band Stand

Hosted by: ‘Ukulele Foundation of Hawai’i 501(c)3


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