Bravo! Ukulele Picnic in Hawai`i 2011 – We Love Ukulele! We Love Hawai`i! We Love People!

Thousands of ukulele lovers from around the world enjoyed "3rd Annual Ukulele Picnic in Hawai`i" at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park. Despite of storm and heavy rain warning all over the island, the picnic site was blessed with beautiful sky throughout the day. The organizing committee has put up a huge tent so people can escape from heavy rain, but it was only used to provide nice shaded area to avoid strong sunshine. People enjoyed endless music, ono food, Hawaiian crafts, and breathtaking 360 degree view of Hawaiian ocean, city, mountains. Keiki's enjoyed inflatables and cardboard more info

Sweet Hollywaiians joins 2011 Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii !!!

Sweet Hollywaiians are based in Osaka,Japan. They were originally street musicians who share a common passion of Hawaiian, Swing, Ragtime, Blues, Calypso and Italian for the 1920s~1930s string band tradition in collecting the music of long forgotten legends like Sol Hoopii, King Bennie Nawahi, Roy Smeck and Eddie Lang. sweethollywaiians_01.jpgThis string quartet containing a dozen of string instruments like a Hawaiian steel guitar ( a lap steel guitar), banjo, tipple, ukulele, mandolin, a bass and guitars. Most of the members are multi-instrumentalist and they change their more info

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